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I am a CG artist specializing in character modeling and texturing. Also skilled in character designing. The field that I am good at is historical costume and fantasy character creation. Especially, I emphasize a sense of color in my works.

After graduating from Tokyo Zokei University, I worked in the Japanese game industry over 10 years as a character artist for Tecmo Koei Games in Japan, and Tecmo Koei Canada in Toronto. In addition to my responsibilities as a character artist, I was involved in asset management, specification development, outsourcing and foreign subsidiaries management, and supervising junior artists.


Currently, I am working as a freelance CG artist for Game art.

I am very enthusiastic about my job. I always attempt to improve my own skill and quality of projects as considering 'What I do' and 'How I do'.

Outside of work, I have various interests, such as listening to music, traveling, photography, watching sports, reading books, video games, and of course ART.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or requests. Also, full version Resume is available upon request.

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